Exhibition of paintings by Russian artist Kartashov in Shanghai

On August 6, the Liu Haisu Art Museum opened an exhibition by Russian artist Andrey Kartashov organized by the Shanghai Association for International Cultural Exchange and the Shanghai Association of Artists. More than 100 works.

Attended were zheng Jiayo, Vice President and General Secretary of the Shanghai Association of Cultural Exchanges with Foreign Countries, Tsyu Ruiming, Vice President of the Shanghai Association of Artists and Dean of the School of Fine Arts of Shanghai University, Bidefu, Deputy Consul General of the Russian Consulate in Shanghai, and Chang Jian, Director of the Art Museum Liu Haisu. They celebrated the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon to the exhibition.

  Of the works presented at the exhibition, Andrey Kartashov gave the audience a very clear trace of personal growth: there are strict sketches, inheriting the traditions of Russian art education, and there are the diploma works that preserve the tradition of creating Russian oil painting.At the same time, he has lived in Sichuan for many years, and his paintings show the major events and changes that have taken place in China in recent years. From the Wenchuan earthquake to the opening of the Olympics, he can find relevant images in his oil documentaries.

  Andrey Kartashov was born in 1974 in Ukraine, graduated from the Russian Academy of Arts by Repin, studied with the famous Russian artist Yuri Koyta.In 2000, he won the Russian Sketch of the Year Award.The diploma works were awarded by the National Appraisal Committee.His works have been exhibited in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Canada, Poland, China and other countries, as well as solo exhibitions in Canada, Beijing and Shenzhen in China.


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