We invite you to take part in the development of consumer cooperation and join the International Consumer Society (cooperative) “EURASIA” (Society).

The main objectives of consumer cooperation in the Russian
Federation are: the creation and development of trade organizations to pro
vide members of consumer societies with goods; the purchase from citizens and legal entities of agricultural products and raw materials, products and products of personal farms and fisherie
s, wild fruits, berries and mushrooms, medicinal and technical raw materials with their subsequent processing and sale; production of food products and n
on-food products with their subsequent implementation through the organizations of the consumer trade; Based on international principles of cooper
ation, bringing them to every shareholder of all consumer societies, including through the media. : to join and leave the consumer society on a voluntary basis; to participate in the activities of the consumer society, to elect and be elected to the authorities and con
trol bodies, to make proposals to improve the activities of the consumer society, to eliminate
the shortcomings in the work of its bodies; to receive cooperative payments in accordance with the decision of the general meeting of the consumer society; to acquire (receive) goods
(services) mainly to other citizens in the organizations of trade and dome
stic services of the consumer society , to carry out on the basis of contracts guaranteed marketing of products and products of personal subsistence economy and fishing through the organizations of the consumer society; to use the benefits
provided for shareholders by the general meeting of the consumer society. These benefits are provided from the income generated by the business activities of the consumer society; to give to consumer society organizations as a priority agricultural products and raw materials for processing, including on the basis of giving; to be accepted as a priority to work in the consumer society in accordance with their qualifications and taking into account the needs of employees; to receive re
ferrals for training in educational organizations of consumer cooperation; to use the o
bjects of social purpose on the terms of social purpose. determined by the general meeting of the consumer soc
iety; to receive information from the government and control bodies of the consumer society about their
activities; to address the general meeting of the consumer society with complaints about the misconduct of other governments and control bodies of the consum
er society; to appeal to the court decisions of the consumer society authorities affecting their interests.

In order to join the COOPTORG, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the Charter and apply to the Board of Admissions, as well as to make an introductory and part of the mutual contribution. Without payment of the entry fee, the Board of Society will not consider the application of the incoming and the administration of the Society has the right not to provide service to its requests. The Board of the Company has the right to refuse membership of our
cooperative without explanation, and the full amount of contributions paid at the application is to be refunded.

Accepting this offer, the incoming member agrees with the proposed terms of entry and the right of the Company’s governing bodies to use his personal data for statutory purposes, and the Company registers a personal personal account of the incoming accounting system, accepts his application and entrance fees, considers the application for admission and informs the incoming decision of the Board of the Society to accept the statutory time frame. The actions of a citizen or organization related to the adoption of the company’s entry procedure are a declaration of the incoming goodwill, and the login and password are accepted by the Society of the props of his electronic signature, acting upon the assurance of electronic documents reflecting the state of economic relations between the members of the Society among themselves, as well as between the Society and its members or incoming persons.